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Montana Home Inspectors May Soon Be Regulated - February 20, 2009

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors' (InterNACHI), Western States Director, Bruce Kirby, gave testimony at the Business and Labor committee hearing for HB417, a bill designed to regulate Montana Home Inspectors. After several years of hard work, Steve Jacoby of MAREI, has been instrumental in getting HB417 passed out of committee on February 19, 2009.

This bill although redundant, if you are already an InterNACHI member, would require all Montana Home Inspectors to meet the minimum InterNACHI standard.

The proctored InterNACHI Home Inspector exam, which is offered at little or no cost to the small business owners, (greatly appreciated in this economic climate), meets the requirements of HB417, as part of the criteria for registering Montana Home Inspectors with the Department of Labor.

This bill is the first step for regulating Montana Home Inspectors and changes would not be surprising before it becomes a law.

Bruce Kirby Named NACHI’s Inspectors' Consultant - June 18, 2007

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) the worlds largest and most helpful Inspector association, leads the world with another first. NACHI is pleased to announce that Bruce Kirby of BJCC Inspections, a Montana based Inspection/Consultant company, founder of the first Montana NACHI chapter, and NACHI's Western States Director, has agreed to add this new full time position of The Inspectors' Consultant to his schedule.

Any NACHI member can call any time for free consultation, instant on-the-job help. "Bruce does everything to the highest degree of his ability and will prove to be a valuable asset," was the response when Nick Gromicko, NACHI's founder, was asked his opinion. "I encourage new and veteran inspectors to take advantage of this resource."

"I already consult inspectors internationally so it will be an easy transition for me to do this for NACHI", was Bruce's response as to how and why he would add this to his already busy schedule. "NACHI has done so much for me and helped so many - this is a way to give back and help NACHI move forward."

Thanks Montana!  - February 4, 2007

The move is complete!  To better serve Northwest Montana, BJCC Inspections has relocated to a larger and strategically more convenient office building.   With this move we should be able to serve with increased efficiency and an even higher level of customer satisfaction.  We have upgraded our communications systems, our software, and our hardware.  This move has allowed us to grow our knowledge base, increase our qualifications and expand our services.  Using our company will help real estate professionals, lower their liability, and increase overall satisfaction in real estate transactions.  Customers will notice a quicker respond time and increased attention to detail.

We owe a sincere "Thanks" to all that have supported our company these past several years allowing us this major growth. 

Senator Conrad Burns visits Lincoln County - August 25, 2006

Senator Conrad Burns, along with many other prominent individuals, representing federal, state and local agencies, met in Lincoln County for the “Dream It! Do It! Workshop and Celebration”, held at the Memorial Center in Libby, August 14th and 15th. Many were speakers and some were involved in active panel discussions. The main topics centered around the rebuilding of the Industrial Park in Libby.

Bruce and Judy Kirby of BJCC Inspections, representing NACHI (National Association of Certified Inspectors) and MAREI (Montana Association of Real Estate Inspectors), took the opportunity to talk with Senator Burns, during the BBQ, about the future of inspections in Montana and related legislation. One of the chief concerns in all discussions was raising the standards in construction practices and in building inspections through education and ethics.

NACHI Western States Director, Bruce Kirby, is devoted to protecting consumers through education and “raising the bar” for Inspectors. “Many Home Inspections become a public service due to their nature. For example, an old, but serviceable dwelling, requires a long and intense inspection together with a lengthy report. Often these homes are bought by a young couple starting out with little or no capitol. There is seldom a profit in these inspections but they are a necessity. No home, old or new, should be purchased without an inspection.”

MAREI Becomes a Reality

The new Montana Association of Real Estate Inspectors (MAREI) is off the ground. MAREI, which is a group comprised of Inspectors and other professionals involved in the real estate industry, is attempting to “raise the bar” for Inspectors in Montana. Months of effort on the part of various individuals, such as Steve Jacoby, Steve Smith, and Bruce Kirby (all members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and others has gone into forming this organization.

This non-profit organization will provide greater benefit for the consumer. Montana presently has little regulation concerning real estate inspections. However, legislation is in the works and MAREI will allow Inspectors and others to communicate in an open forum to help build fair and workable regulation to make things better for all. Nick Gromicko (NACHI) has generously provided a website to help with this process.

The group is in its infancy and is presently in the process of selecting people for key positions. This process make take some time since the goal is to get the best person for the job in each position. Watch for updates in the coming months and watch for changes in the Montana real estate climate as this group grows and helps make Montana an even better place to live.

FHA Inspector Joins Montana Roster 10 – 15 -05

BJCC Inspections is proud to announce that Bruce Kirby has joined the State Roster for FHA/VA/HUD Inspections. Bruce Kirby has met the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is a qualified FHA / VA Inspector ID number X496.

There has been a demand for this much needed consumer service in the State of Montana and Mr. Kirby is pleased he is able to serve the State and the home buyers.

We at BJCC Inspections hope by providing the FHA Inspection Services more home buyers will be able to move into this area, and into their new home, in an accelerated time frame.

To obtain more information FHA/VA/HUD contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For more information on getting your inspected by the FHA Inspector or other Home Inspection issues contact BJCC Inspections at , 406-882-4825 or toll free at 1-877-248-6006.

NACHI Will Be Represented At Idaho/Montana Realtor Convention

Shortly after the successful “kick-off” meetings for the NACHI Idaho chapter, Bruce Kirby, NACHI's Western States Director, together with his wife and fellow Inspector, Judy, agreed to represent NACHI at the Idaho/Montana real estate convention on September 14th-17th. The event, which will take place in Sun Valley Idaho is sure to be one of the biggest real estate events in the Western United States.

NACHI will add its presence with a booth for the multi-day event. Hosting the booth will be Bruce and Judy Kirby of BJCC Inspections. They are also the founders of the Northwest Montana NACHI chapter. Information will be dissimulated to promote NACHI with the Idaho/Montana real estate community. As always, Bruce and Judy will be sharing ideas with real estate professionals about Home Inspections. Raising standards and ethical practices will be emphasized along with “quality inspections cost more” and “don't be coerced into a cheap inspection”.

When asked, Bruce said, “This is a great opportunity to mingle with real estate professionals and inform them how a quality inspection is worth more than its cost.”

Bruce and Judy own BJCC Inspections in Montana, which is one of the highest-priced inspection companies in the country. Judy is often heard to say “We charge more and give you more.”

Nebraska NACHI Formed – August 8, 2005

New NACHI Chapter erupts in Omaha, Nebraska, on August 8th, 2005, with Alan C. Kanngieser of ACK & Associates Home Inspections, taking the helm as its new president. Congratulations Alan! Bruce Kirby, NACHI's Western States Director, was the key speaker at the first Nebraska NACHI Chapter meeting. The attendees engaged in lively discussion about marketing, ethics, litigation, raising standards, raising prices, and demanding more of ourselves as NACHI Home Inspectors. Everyone is looking forward to a “kick-off” Chapter Meeting in the near future. Go! Big! Red!

Al is a man of character and strives to do the right thing. He said, “My client comes first and, of course, I am biased toward my client.”

 At closing, Bruce was quoted as saying, “I am impressed with the character of the individuals in Nebraska and am excited to have people like Al as leaders in NACHI. With people like this working to better NACHI we can become even more solid and stronger than we are at present. I look forward to working with Al.”

If anyone is interested in joining the Nebraska NACHI Chapter and working with AL to build NACHI email AL at;

Eastern Montana NACHI Chapter - August , 3 2005

NACHI's Western States Director, Bruce Kirby, took time off from inspecting in August, 2005, to start another new NACHI chapter – the Eastern Montana chapter. Bruce and his wife Judy had a, quick and casual, yet intense and informative meeting with Steve Smith of Homefront Property Inspections. Bruce positioned Steve as president of the Eastern Montana chapter of NACHI. Much discussion was given to raising standards and increasing NACHI's presence and clout in the community.

Steve is working diligently to help draft legislation for a Montana Home Inspector's bill. This will take time and effort, but after much discussion, Steve and Bruce agreed it is necessary to work with the legislators and set some standards in Montana.  Other topics of discussion included marketing, ethics, litigation, raising prices, and demanding more of ourselves as NACHI Home Inspectors. Everyone is looking forward to a “kick-off” Chapter Meeting in the near future.

Bruce was quoted as saying, “I am impressed with the character of Steve and am excited to have people like Steve as leaders in NACHI. I am confident Steve will help to better NACHI in Montana. I look forward to working with Steve more in the future."

If anyone is interested in joining the Eastern Montana's NACHI Chapter and working with Steve to build NACHI email Steve at;

Fire Season Approaching – Is Your Home Safe? - March, 14 2005

With the lack of snowfall this winter, Forest Service officials and layman alike are expressing much concern over the upcoming fire season.  When was the last time you had a Home Fire Safety Evaluation?  The Montana Department of Natural Resources and the US Forest Service recommends one for all residences in or near forestlands.

Sharing in their concern, a local Home Inspection company, BJCC Inspections is now providing Home Fire Safety Evaluations as part of their Home Inspection.  US Forest Service representative, Marcy Goheen, says, “I am pleased to see a Home Inspection company take an interest and offer this much needed community service.”  This Safety Evaluation is offered as part of the standard Home Inspection, or Home Checkup and also as a stand alone service.

Bruce and Judy Kirby both commented, “We live in the forest and we want, not only our new customers, but all our friends and neighbors to be well informed of the possibility of fires.  Our goal is to help people to have a safe comfortable home to live in.”  Both Bruce and Judy are Certified Home Inspectors through the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and Certified Mold Inspectors through Environmental Solutions Associates.  Bruce and Judy are currently involved with fire safety training.

To obtain more information on fire safety contact the US Forest Service at, the Montana  Department of Natural Resources at, or the Firewise program at  For more information on getting a Home Fire Safety Evaluation or other Home Inspection issues contact BJCC Inspections at , 406-882-4825 or toll free at 1-877-248-6006. 

Kalispell Montana Affordable Housing Fair – February, 19th 2005

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors booth operated by Bruce and Judy Kirby of BJCC Inspections was a busy place on Saturday. Between handing out brochures, air fresheners, pens and NACHI bags (“the bag” as it came to be known) it is amazing there was time to talk. Some topics of discussion were: the importance of home inspections, what makes a good Home Inspector, pre-listing inspections, home checkups, becoming a Home Inspector, and most of all raising standards in the home inspection industry.

According to Deb Mills, the fair's coordinator, the fair had a much larger turnout than last year and was a great success. The main thrust of the event was to educate consumers so they could make wise decisions in home buying. The Northwest Montana Association of Realtors in partnership with the newly formed Residential Ownership Opportunities Foundation held homeowner education classes throughout the day. A local Northwest Montana NACHI chapter member Kelly Bernard taught a class called “Why do You Need a Home Inspection”. Professionals from all aspects of the real estate process were on hand to help consumers.

Mold and mold remediation turned into an ongoing discussion at the NACHI/BJCC booth. Western Mountains LLC, a local mold remediation company, had their booth right behind the NACHI/BJCC booth so this was no surprise. There is a lot a fear about mold right now and BJCC Inspections is proud to have two Certified Mold Inspectors on staff. Training is important to understand protocol and limitations in mold inspecting.

For more information on Home Inspections contact BJCC Inspections at or the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors at

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Joins Housing Fair - February 12th 2005

BJCC Inspections, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) representative in Montana, will have a booth at the Housing Fair in the Kalispell Center Mall on February 19th from 9 am – 6 pm. The Housing Fair is to educate the future home owner so they can make good choices when purchasing their home.

NACHI is the world's largest Home Inspectors association. Bruce Kirby (BJCC Inspections), NACHI's Western States Director, will be on hand to answer questions about NACHI and Home Inspections. Mr. Kirby is quoted as saying, “NACHI is proud to be a sponsor of this event. An informed educated buyer is one of the goals of NACHI. Another is to raise the standards for the Home Inspection industry throughout the world.”

This is the second annual Housing Fair and a much larger turnout is expected than last year. Cal Scott the Fair's Director says, “This is the largest event of its kind in the state.” NMAR (Northwest Montana Association of Realtors) hopes this event will assist home buyer's in their quest for the perfect home.

For more information on NACHI or Home Inspections contact BJCC Inspections at , , or

BJCC Inspections' Bruce Kirby
Becomes NACHI’s Western States Director

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is pleased to announce that Bruce Kirby of BJCC Inspections, a Montana based Home Inspection company, and founder of the Northwest Montana NACHI chapter, has agreed to take the position of NACHI's Western States Director.

Both Nick Gromicko, Executive Director of NACHI, and Lorne Steiner, Director at Large of NACHI, have often expressed that communication is the key to successful relationships, not only in the inspection industry, but in business in general. They have noticed this to be one of Kirby's strong points. Bruce Kirby embraces this concept and intends to help facilitate improved communication between NACHI members, Realtors, Legislators, and Consumers.

Mr. Gromicko has been quoted as saying, “I have had the privilege of watching Mr. Kirby bring NACHI to Montana with exuberance and innovative thinking. I look forward to his increased input and desire to help NACHI grow.”

I am thrilled to pick up the mantle, and be challenged by further involvement in NACHI, helping to raise industry standards, ethics, and communication,” said Bruce Kirby.

As Western States Director, Kirby's goal is to make himself available to NACHI for speaking engagements and classes. He looks forward to assisting Gromicko, thereby taking some of the workload off of Gromicko and Steiner. He intends to work with Realtors and Legislators as NACHI's representative to emphasize the importance of qualified Home Inspectors.

Chapter President to Speak at National Convention - 1/03/05

Bruce Kirby of BJCC Inspections has been asked by Nick Gromicko (Executive Director of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) to give a talk on “Ethics in Home Inspections” at the upcoming NACHI Home Inspector Convention later this month.  NMAR (Northwest Montana Association of Realtors) Realtors, along with Realtors in other professional associations, are excited to see NACHI's upward movement in ethical real estate practices.

Gromicko is encouraged to see standards raised in Montana and has complimented Kirby for the work he has done. Bruce, together with his wife Judy, founded and oversee the Northwest Montana NACHI Chapter, which is the first in the state of Montana.

The convention is open to all Home Inspectors. It is the first of its kind, drawing people from throughout the world. A long list of vendors will be showing off their wares. Classes and information for Home Inspectors will top the list of activities. This multi-day event will include continuing education credits for Inspectors. All activities will take place at the DisneyWorld Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Bruce has been quoted as saying “This is a great opportunity for inspectors to share ideas and information about the inspection industry. There will be a lot of learning going on. I am glad I can contribute in some small way to help elevate industry standards.”
For more information about the convention visit the convention webpage at For more information about the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors visit their website at . For more information about BJCC Inspections visit or contact Bruce or Judy at 1-877-248-6006.

NACHI Meets with Board of Realtors - 10/7/04

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) representatives Bruce and Judy Kirby of BJCC Inspections met Wednesday, October 6th with the Lincoln County Board of Realtors, at the Venture Inn in Libby.  A short introduction by Bruce Kirby was followed by a informative exchange of ideas between Inspectors and Realtors.  Realtors and Inspectors realized they were on the same page about issues of having the clients interests being number one, keeping Realtors informed of the inspection process, and being realistic with inspections.  The value of Pre-listing inspections made for lively discussion.  Having qualified Home Inspectors available was another topic of concern.  The meeting helped to form a better working relationship between Inspectors and Realtors.

This meeting was set up as a direct result of the overwhelmingly successful Northwest Montana NACHI Chapter meeting, hosted by BJCC Inspections, in Kalispell on September 18th at West Coast Kalispell Center hotel.  The Executive Director of NACHI, Nick Gromicko, indicated the per capita turnout was quite possibly the highest of any chapter meeting so far. Attendance of close to fifty surprised all involved.  Peopled traveled from both coasts to be present for the speakers and discussions.

The meeting and dinner were proceeded by a piercing prayer, in which Pastor Curtis McDuffie told the group “God wants your businesses to be successful.”

After the dinner a short introduction was given by Northwest Montana NACHI Chapter President Bruce Kirby of BJCC Inspections.  Kirby stressed doing the right thing and making sure the buyer gets the kind of house they want, at a fair price.   

Richard Doran, from the Northwest Montana Realtors Association, praised Home Inspectors saying “I can absolutely assure you, you keep us out of hot water.”  Doran talked of being pleased with the increased professionalism, education, and ethics of Home Inspectors.  He looked forward to a stronger working relationship between Realtors and Inspectors.

John Podolinsky, from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, also supported Inspectors and was impressed with the professionalism, being happy to have increased communications between the State and Inspectors.  Podolinsky gave an explanation of the reality of asbestos and the proper steps to take when asbestos is encountered.

Lorne Steiner, of Porter Valley Software, opened more than one eye about the seriousness of good communication in real estate transactions.

Since this meeting, NACHI has launched the Northwest Montana NACHI Chapter website at  This site is to allow information about NACHI and Home Inspections in Northwest Montana to be easily accessed by all.

DAILY INTER LAKE                                                                                   Sunday September 12, 2004


Home inspectors to meet Saturday

The Northwest Montana chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors will have its first meeting at 6 p.m. Saturday in the WestCoast Kalispell Center Hotel.

The new trade group formed to pursue two goals. In the short term, they want to find out how many people are doing home inspections in the area. In the longer term, they want to push legislation that would require home inspections, ideally before the house is put on the market.

"Many states require them, but not here," said Judy Kirby, who runs an inspection service and is organizing the local NACHI chapter with her husband, Bruce.
"We're not sure if they're even suggested," added Bruce Kirby.

A home inspection can identify problems before a buyer is stuck with them everything from tilted counters and improperly hung doors to outdated wiring and expiring hot water heaters.

"It’s just to make sure everything's right," Bruce Kirby said. "It's all right to buy a lemon, if you know you're getting a lemon."
The meeting is free and open to anyone interested in home inspections, including real estate agents, mortgage lenders and appraisers.  An optional dinner will be served for $25 a person.

Speaking at the meeting will be Richard F. Doran, past president of the Northwest Montana Association of Realtors; John Podolinksy of the state Department of Environmental Quality; Nick Gromicko, Realtor, ad agency owner and executive director of NACHI; Lorne Steiner of Porter Valley Software; and Bruce Kirby.

The topics to be addressed include home inspections in the Montana market, asbestos, marketing home inspections, avoiding litigation and home inspection ethics.

For more information or to reserve a spot, contact Gromicko at

Westshore News                                                                 September 2004

BJCC Inspections brings NACHI to Montana

BJCC Inspections, owned and operated by local residents Bruce and Judy Kirby, brings NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) to Northwest Montana. Realtors have been watching the latest trends in the market and have noticed how Home Inspections are quickly becoming an essential part of the property purchase scenario. Real estate professionals and consumers have complained it takes two or even three weeks to get a Home Inspection. BJCC Inspections has changed that - scheduling inspections within hours, sometimes within minutes, of initial contact. Once contacted, BJCC Inspections handles the entire process of scheduling, performing, and reporting. They often work closely with the buyer, seller and realtor to expedite matters quickly and conveniently.

Next month BJCC Inspections is hosting a meeting for the Northwest Montana chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Among the
speakers will be Nick Gromicko (executive director of the NACHI), Richard
Doran (past president, future state director of NMAR (Northwest Montana Association of Realtors), John Podolinsky (Montana Department of Environmental Quality), Lorne Steiner (Porter Valley Software), and Bruce Kirby (president of the NW NACHI chapter). The meeting will be held at the Westcoast Kalispell Center Hotel on September 18 and all are welcome. It is an RSVP affair with a dinner served and door prizes.


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